It's been a busy and exciting time at Ovatu! Let's take a look at a few of the many NEW features that have been added over the past few months:

Ovatu now has a brand new Apps Dashboard, where you can see all third party apps connected to your Ovatu account. This includes Social (Facebook, Twitter), Payments (PayPal, Stripe), Marketing (MailChimp, SendPulse) and Messaging (Slack). This new dashboard can be accessed using the Web App, by choosing Manage > Integration > Apps.


Our Slack and SendPulse integrations are a brand new feature! Watch this space, as we are continually adding new ways to connect your Ovatu account with other great services.

Slack integration allows you to send notifications (of your choice) directly to your Slack app.
SendPulse integration allows you to export your customer contact list into your SendPulse account.
Customer self service re-schedule:
On your business Mini-site, customers are now able to log in and move their own appointments themselves! This can be done using the 'Customer' tab on the mini site, or by using the direct link in the reservation confirmation email.


On your Ovatu Web App, there is now the option to duplicate an existing form, so that you no longer need to be create it from scratch! We’ve also create a new yes/no field option in forms, with the old yes/no option simply being renamed to ‘checkbox’.


When creating a reservation, you have the option to manually force the system to book a specific time slot, regardless of availablity. We've now made an amendment, which ensures that even when manually over-riding a time slot, (if you are using the resourcing feaure) the system now checks for resource availability and generates an error if no availability is found.

We’ve added a quarterly view to all of the reports on our reports on the Web App, as well as a Payment Report to our Android App.


Other new features include:

Web App:

  • Set multiple Tips (one per employee)
  • Added waitlist permission for employees
  • Added history permission for employees
  • Added related fields to history (e.g. shows history of each service under the reservation)
  • Added ability to override times for each employee
  • Added PIN logins to web app
  • Ability to remove date overrides for roster
  • Ability to restrict Location and Employee logins by IP for security


  • mPOP printer updates
  • Show uses for passes
  • Paging for over 1000 sales / customers
  • Show tip request for PayPal Here


  • Add multiple products to order from single screen
  • Add photo upload