Hello wonderful Ovatu customers,

I’m Ben and I’m thrilled to be the latest addition to the already awesome Ovatu team!

By hiring me in the position of Head of Cutomer Success, Ovatu have demonstrated just how important each and every one of you are them!


My role is to use my 20+ years experience in relationship management, customer service, operations & business analysis, to build upon the already amazing support you receive. As per my title, I’m here for your success, by empowering you and your business to get the full benefits of Ovatu Manager.

While our customers have always been at the centre of everything we do, I’m thrilled to see that Ovatu has recently taken customer centric thinking to the next level. Very recently, we have introduced:

  • The single, global hello@ovatu.com support email address, to provide you with more efficient responses
  • The Customer Voice feature request page, allowing you to view and suggest changes to Ovatu Manager with complete transparency
  • Help Guides, which provide comprehensive explanations of absolutely every Ovatu feature
  • Video Tutorials, for a more in-depth explanation of some of the more complex topics
  • Re-branding of the Product Support team to the Customer Success team, which more accurately reflects why we’re here!

While all this is great, we believe you deserve more!

So in the coming months we’ll also be implementing:

  • More ways to contact us; with extended phone support across multiple time zones
  • New Customer Success Team members
  • Faster internal processes
  • Additional help guides
  • Continued creation of video tutorials
  • & more... Not to mention the usual steady flow of product updates and additional features for the Ovatu Manager apps!

As most of you know, Ovatu is not a big technology conglomerate. We’re a passionate team of real people who believe that helping your business is not business to us…it’s personal. When you choose to use Ovatu, you put a smile on a real persons face :)

I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you and your businesses and helping you all with your continued success.

Speak with you soon.
Ben Sweet